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Annotation / Notes: Braddock's history during its years as a major resort. Included are local legends and recipes. The second half of the book is a walking tour.
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Annotation / Notes: Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas on C&O Canal hike.
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Annotation / Notes: Brunswick was a community tied together and given its identify by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. When the railroad left in the late twentieth century the town lost its identify and underwent a drastic change. It experienced a period of crisis where the whole concept of community was called into question.
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Annotation / Notes: A series designed for young readers.
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Annotation / Notes: Johnson examines the public policy issues related to minor league baseball, among the most popular of American minor league enterprises. Case studies explore the way in which the "stadium issue" often raises political controversy regarding public control and economic development. One chapter focuses on Frederick, Maryland, and the state and local policies that led to construction of a stadium for the Frederick Keys franchise. Johnson concludes that the direct economic contribution of minor league sports to local economies is relatively small, though they may enhance general development efforts.
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Annotation / Notes: Antietam Woolen Manufacturing Company in Funkstown, Maryland.
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