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Grimes, Michael A. "Sources for Documenting Baltimore's Suburban Landscape." Maryland Historical Magazine 84 (1989): 163-68.
Annotation / Notes: Grimes discusses a variety of sources useful for studying Baltimore's expansion -- maps, deeds, tax assessments, newspapers, building permits, and photographs. He describes where to find them and how to use them.
Jones, Carleton. Streetwise Baltimore: The Story Behind Baltimore Street Names. [Baltimore?]: Bonus Books, 1991.
Annotation / Notes: Brief, quick descriptions of street and neighborhoods names, including some surrounding communities in other counties. Includes a history of the city's development.
Olson, Sherry H. Baltimore: The Building of an American City. Revised edition. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1997.
Annotation / Notes: The product of a geographer, this excellent history of Baltimore focuses on its physical growth as an urban center. Special emphasis is placed on how the city, and its inhabitants, handled the changes brought about by city growth.
Chastain, Maggie, and Lee L. Smith. Index to Martinet's Map of Howard County, Maryland 1860. First edition. Ellicott City, MD: Howard County Historical Society, 1998.
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