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Annotation / Notes: George Peabody's legacy to Baltimore transcends the music conservatory and magnificent library that bear his name. His gifts influenced other wealthy friends whose philanthropy help establish some of the great educational and cultural institutions that grace the city: the Johns Hopkins University, the Enoch Pratt Free Library, and the Walters Art Gallery. This article surveys the life of a man admired and respected on both sides of the Atlantic.
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Annotation / Notes: A social history of Baltimore City told through thematic chapters. Chapter topics are varied and include a wide range of subjects: i.e. monuments, food, sports, Hopkins Hospital, newspapers, and politics.
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Annotation / Notes: This guide covers every aspect of a cultural documentation study. It should be consulted by anyone starting out on such a project.
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Annotation / Notes: A series of very accessible essays describing the collections of the Talbot County's Maryland Room, along with a discussion of the Room's development. This publication is heavily illustrated and gives one an understanding of the nature of local history collections, either in public or private institutions.
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Annotation / Notes: The story of the Society's founding as told by its first curator.
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Annotation / Notes: This exhibit catalog not only supplies information on each portrait, but also give brief biographical information on each subject. A significant portion of the text is given to a discussion of the eleven Peale family members who were artists.
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Annotation / Notes: Although it is very outdated, this directory should serve be the starting point for anyone attempting to locate oral history collections relevant to Maryland. Collections surveyed were not only in institutional hands (schools, libraries, and historical agencies) but also belonged to governmental agencies and private individuals. Included are DC and PA collections of potential interest.
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Annotation / Notes: The small, volunteer run, Clear Spring Library developed in a building which had served as a community kitchen and a soldier's canteen. The library existed only between the two great wars. This brief history is compiled from the quotes of community members.
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