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Baltimore Museum of Art. :Annual I The Museum: Its First Half Century. Baltimore: The Baltimore Museum of Art, 1966.
Annotation / Notes: A history of the first fifty years of the BMA, from its start as a City-Wide Congress Committee on Founding an Art Museum (1911), to its temporary home in Mount Vernon, to the construction of its permanent home in Wyman Park. A major thesis is that a very modern thinking museum became a great success in a city known for being conservative. Nicely illustrated with works from the collection and photographs of museum activities.
Boles, John B., ed. Maryland Heritage: Five Baltimore Institutions Celebrate the American Revolution. Baltimore: Maryland Historical Society, 1976.
Annotation / Notes: This exhibition catalog joins the efforts of five major collecting institutions through a series of essays and illustrations from their respective exhibits.
Brandt, Thirza M. "The Historical Society's Photographic Archives Collection." Harford Historical Bulletin 61 (Summer 1994): 133-40.
Brown, John Gregory. "Out of Africa." Columbia Magazine [Summer 1990]: 38-9.
Annotation / Notes: Maryland Museum of African Art.
Carter, Edward C., II. "The Papers of Benjamin Henry Latrobe and the Maryland Historical Society, 1885-1971: Nature, Structure and Means of Acquisition." Maryland Historical Magazine 66 (1971): 436-455.
Annotation / Notes: An involved discussion of the provenance of the Latrobe collection and the project to microfilm it. Latrobe, a prominent architect, artist, and surveyor, among other talents, left a variety of materials, including drawings depicting America at the end of the eighteenth century. An interesting discussion of the history of a rich collection.
Carter, Edward C., II, Editor in Chief, and Thomas E. Jeffrey, Microfiche Editor. The Guide and Index to the Microfiche Edition of the Papers of Benjamin Henry Latrobe. Clifton, NJ: Published for the Maryland Historical Society by James T. White and Co., 1976.
Carter, Edward C., II, Editor in Chief, and Thomas E. Jeffrey, Microfiche Editor. "Celebrating the Baltimore City Life Collections." MHS/News (April-June 1998): 4-5.
Annotation / Notes: A discussion of the absorption of the Baltimore City Life Museum's holdings by the Maryland Historical Society. Includes descriptions of important collections and of the exhibit installed to showcase the acquisition.
Corrin, Lisa G., ed. Mining the Museum: An Installation by Fred Wilson. Baltimore: The Contemporary in Cooperation with the New Press, New York, 1994.
Annotation / Notes: This publication documents the landmark Maryland Historical Society and Contemporary exhibit. Included is an interview with the artist and with the docents who worked the exhibit, along with visitor surveys and object checklists.
Cox, Lynn, and Zinkham, Helena. "Picture Research at the Maryland Historical Society: A Guide to the Sources." Maryland Historical Magazine 76 (Spring 1981): 1-21.
Annotation / Notes: Although the collection descriptions are out-dated, this work still serves as a good introduction for newcomers to picture research. It provides a good overview of the wide range of sources which can be used to locate visual resources in a museum and library setting and provides eight basic questions to consider when preparing for a picture research trip.
DiNoto, Andrea. "A Singular Taste." Connoisseur (November 1984).
Annotation / Notes: A discussion of the traveling jewelry exhibition -- "Objects of Adornment: Five Thousand Years of Jewelry from the Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore". 213 pieces collected by founder Henry Walters were displayed. Nice glossy color illustrations.
Dixon, Michael L. "Postcards: A Link to Cecil's Past." Bulletin of The Historical Society of Cecil County 77/78 (Autumn/Winter 1998): 7-8.
Dowell, Susan Stiles. "The Harvey Ladew Manor House & Gardens." Maryland Magazine 17 (Summer 1985): 42-45.
Annotation / Notes: A history of Harvey Ladew and his house and garden, now open to the public. The topiary garden is considered one of the nation's finest.
Dowell, Susan Stiles. "The Maryland Historical Society." Maryland Magazine (Autumn 1984): 15-20.
Annotation / Notes: A good general history of the Maryland's major private collecting institution written for the general public. Of special interest is an inserted article "In Search of Treasure", by Bonnie Joe Ayers, which explains how museums and special libraries acquire their materials.
Dowell, Susan Stiles. "Villa Pace: Rosa Ponsell's Italianate Estate." Maryland Magazine 16 (Autumn 1983): 25-8.
Dowell, Susan Stiles. "The Gem of Baltimore Celebrates 75." Southern Living 24 (May 1989): 43.
Annotation / Notes: Baltimore Museum of Art.
Gustafson, E. H. "Museum Accessions." Antiques 138 (December 1990): 1174.
Annotation / Notes: Quilts at the Maryland Historical Society.
Hammond, Helen. "Field Trip: Historical Society of Frederick County." Frederick Magazine (April 1994): 31-33.
Harris, Dale. "Collective Genius; The Importance of the Walters Art Gallery." Connoisseur (November 1984).
Annotation / Notes: The Walters Art Gallery, which holds a varied collection, was established when Henry Walters, a wealthy businessmen, left his collection, including his father's collection, to Baltimore. Although a Baltimore native, Henry seldom lived in Baltimore. The collecting habits of both Walters are discussed. A nicely illustrated brief history of an important museum.
Harris, Dale. "The Historical Society of Carroll County: Fifty Years of Service to the Community." Carroll County History Journal 40 (Winter 1990): 3-6.
Annotation / Notes: The story of the Society's founding as told by its first curator.
Hodge, David C. "The Hooker Collection: Inventory and Annotations." Harford Historical Bulletin 61 (Summer 1994): 117-32.
Annotation / Notes: Descriptions of 62 images from a glass plate negative collection owned by the Historical Society of Harford County.
Holland, Eugenia Calvert, Romaine Stec Somerville, Stiles Tuttle Colwill, and K. Beverley Whiting Young. Four Generations of Commissions: The Peale Collection of the Maryland Historical Society; March 3, 1975-June 29, 1975. Baltimore: Maryland Historical Society, 1975.
Annotation / Notes: This exhibit catalog not only supplies information on each portrait, but also give brief biographical information on each subject. A significant portion of the text is given to a discussion of the eleven Peale family members who were artists.
Holland, Eugenia C., and Louisa M. Gary. "Miniatures in the Collection of the Maryland Historical Society." Maryland Historical Magazine 51 (December 1956): 341-354.
Holland, Eugenia C., and Louisa M. Gary. "Oil Portraits in the Collection of the Maryland Historical Society." Maryland Historical Magazine 50 (December 1955): 310-336.
Jailer, M. "Early American Museums." Antiques and Collecting Magazine 98 (October 1993): 19-23.
Annotation / Notes: Peale Museum.