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Annotation / Notes: Calamities are popular topics for local historians. This discussion of a major flood of the Jones Falls, in Old Town Baltimore, includes an eyewitness account.
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Annotation / Notes: A history of colonial Annpolis presented through the lives of eleven prominent citizens. Represented are a printer, a governor, a doctor, and a cabinetmaker. Included are such well known Maryland surnames as Carroll, Paca, Dulany, Chase, and Shaw.
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Annotation / Notes: A series of articles originally published in 1847 in the Howard District Press.
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Annotation / Notes: Annotated excerpts from ten contemporary descriptions of traveling along the post road. The authors include such well known Colonial figures as Dr. Alexander Hamilton, Charles Willson Peale, and Benjamin Henry Latrobe.
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Annotation / Notes: An introduction to the group of Annapolis wits whose humorous proceedings have survived in a manuscript at the Johns Hopkins University. The antics of the Tuesday Club open a window on the climate of civil discourse that characterized the Golden Era in Annapolis. In contrast to the political tensions that would soon led to revolution, club members employed parodies to mock political conventions. The actual minutes of the club as edited by Professor Breslaw have been published as the Records of the Tuesday Club, 1745 - 1756.
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