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Annotation / Notes: Broadneck is a former Anne Arundel County hundred, located between the Severn and the Magothy Rivers. This work, published for the American Bicentennial, consists of thirteen essays, written by community leaders and local scholars, on a variety of themes -- education, religion, etc. One essay is the work of former Maryland State Archivist, Morris L. Radoff. Included is a list showing the dates of the area's first families' first residences.
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Annotation / Notes: A history of colonial Annpolis presented through the lives of eleven prominent citizens. Represented are a printer, a governor, a doctor, and a cabinetmaker. Included are such well known Maryland surnames as Carroll, Paca, Dulany, Chase, and Shaw.
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Annotation / Notes: Companion volume to Talley, Secular Music in Colonial Annapolis.
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Hildebrand, David K. Musical Life in and Around Annapolis, Maryland, (1649-1776). Ph.D. diss., Catholic University of America, 1992.
Annotation / Notes: A thorough description of musical practice organized by place - theatre, tavern church, at home, military settings, and slave quarters, and also by activity - such as teaching, dancing, and club life. Several important local manuscripts are described, as is the general repertory. This multi-disciplinary study includes biographical index, and recent advances in social history are incorporated.
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Talley, John Barry. Secular Music in Colonial Annapolis: The Tuesday Club, 1745-1756. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1988.
Annotation / Notes: Companion volume to Breslaw, Records of the Tuesday Club . . . listed above . Some of the earliest music composed in the colonies came from the pens of Rev. Thomas Bacon, Dr. Alexander Hamilton, and other members of this important social/musical organization. Talley presents the background biographies and musical contributions of these men, with a good focus on the music itself (including background and transcriptions of songs and instrumental music). Many club members being recent immigrants from Scotland and England, these largely upper- and upper-middle class amateur musicians had a huge impact on the musical life of mid-18th-century Maryland, and beyond. The book closes with transcriptions of 55 minuets by non club-member John Ormsby, from a manuscript music book copied in Annapolis in 1758.
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Annotation / Notes: Cox presents the development of what he argued were Maryland's three most important archival institutions -- the Maryland Historical Society, the Maryland State Archives, and the Baltimore City Archives. Some discussion is also given to the development of the history profession in Maryland.
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