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Annotation / Notes: A history of greater Sandy Spring which includes Brookeville, Ashton, Olney, Brinklow/Cincinnati, Brighton, and Laytonsville/Mt. Zion. Nearly 200 pages of historic images, all sepia, are arranged around themes or communities, i.e. "Some Childhood Recollections ...","The Era of the Grist Mills","Early Churches Take Root","Old Homes Bespeak Prosperity and Taste". Small historic maps of the communities are included.
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Annotation / Notes: A variety of images, a great deal of text. The revised edition includes a chapter of one to two page histories of major businesses and organizations in the County and a chapter of color photos of the county during the 1980s.
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Annotation / Notes: The first portion of this work presents a brief, broad, general history of the County. The much larger second portion presents a cultural history of the County's major houses and their people. Houses of Georgetown, once Montgomery's major city, are also included. Originally published in 1952 as Historic Montgomery County, Maryland, Old Homes and History.
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