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Annotation / Notes: Amusement parks, often owned by the same individuals who controlled public transportation, encouraged the spread of development. Bethesda Park, which only existed for about five years, played such a role in Bethesda.
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Annotation / Notes: The story of the couple's courtship taken from Williams's writings. Insight is offered into life in Rockville, the county seat, during that period.
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Annotation / Notes: Offers details of rural life in Montgomery County.
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Annotation / Notes: Using the Maryland State Assessment of 1783, this study evaluates the condition of the Montgomery County community. Montgomery was the western most of Maryland's tobacco counties. This economy left Montgomery with exhausted farmland, as well as a poor, landless, and unstable population. Comparison is made with Frederick where the soil was essentially the same but had not been damaged by tobacco farming.
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Annotation / Notes: Written following the American, and the County's, Centennial, this work places special emphasis on land grants and prominent men. Includes a directory of the towns, villages, and residents.
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Annotation / Notes: A history of greater Sandy Spring which includes Brookeville, Ashton, Olney, Brinklow/Cincinnati, Brighton, and Laytonsville/Mt. Zion. Nearly 200 pages of historic images, all sepia, are arranged around themes or communities, i.e. "Some Childhood Recollections ...","The Era of the Grist Mills","Early Churches Take Root","Old Homes Bespeak Prosperity and Taste". Small historic maps of the communities are included.
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