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Annotation / Notes: The authors seek to evaluate the effectiveness of a 1963 Baltimore County law requiring developers to set aside space in new residential sections for small local parks. The study examines parks created in three sample rowhouse developments, based upon interviews conducted with users of the three spaces. The article concludes that the program has been successful in terms of usage, though more by children than teens and young adults, and that proximity to residence determines frequency of use.
Brooks, Richard. "Social Planning in Columbia." Journal of the American Institute of Planners 37 (1971): 373-378.
Annotation / Notes: An evaluation of the planned community of Columbia at an early point in its development, the article contends that the transition from vision to implementation involves a series of social dilemmas. These included the shift from company town to "thriving democratic polity," the potential conflict between the vision of a new form of urban community versus the prevailing attraction of the suburban ideal, and questions about the appropriate balance between residential and commercial functions in a presumably "post-industrial" society. Brooks wonders whether the failure by the planner and many early residents to face up to the challenges of these dilemmas may represent a "heroic failure" for Columbia.
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Annotation / Notes: A fine treatment of the subject with an excellent bibliography.
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