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Annotation / Notes: This is a richly detailed study of the development of political parties in the three states - Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina - which comprise the Chesapeake region. Using cluster-bloc analysis where possible, especially for Maryland, and more traditional sources where the roll-calls are too scarce, this study focuses on the growth of partisanship in the state legislatures. Sharing the post-war problems of debt, depression, social unrest, as well as reacting to national issues, such as the structure of the central government, western lands, the location of the capital, neutrality, the Jay Treaty, the Quasi-War with France, the Alien and Sedition Acts, as well as other issues, each state responded with subtle differences. Overall, however, these experiences strengthened party identification and organization, so that by the election of 1800 a major party competition existed.
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Annotation / Notes: The author, according to the introduction, had "Old Pike blood in his veins." His loving account of the workmen, tavern operators, stagecoach owners and drivers, highway robbers, and politicians and other colorful characters that built and used America's first federally-funded highway to the west is in a class by itself.
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