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Cox, Richard J. "A Description of the Vertical File." Maryland Historical Magazine 69 (Spring 1974): 86-90.
Annotation / Notes: At the Maryland Historical Society.
Tate, Thad W., and David L. Ammerman, eds. The Chesapeake in the Seventeenth Century Essays on Anglo-American Society & Politics. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1979.
Annotation / Notes: A collection of papers presented at a scholarly conference in 1974 covering all aspects of Chesapeake life and politics in the 17th century. Many of these scholars - especially Lois Green Carr, Lorena S. Walsh, Darrett and Anita Rutman, David W. Jordan, and Russell R. Menard - would become the core of a new "Chesapeake School," whose hallmark was to breathe life and insight into mute statistical records. Their influence into our understanding of this period cannot be overstated.
Bard, Harry. Maryland: State and Government, Its New Dynamics. Centreville, MD: Tidewater Publishers, 1974.
Annotation / Notes: Divided into three sections - the first describing Maryland's people, history and geography, the second its government, and the third governmental services available to its citizens - this book provides a comprehensive description of the structure of Maryland government and its relationship to the people in the mid-1970s. Its major limitation is that some of the information may not be current because it was written almost three decades ago.