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Annotation / Notes: Governmental records are always at risk during times of war. Maryland's records were in an even more precarious position during the Revolutionary War, the Maryland State House was under construction. Radoff discusses the movement of Maryland's records in attempts to keep them safe from harm. Also discussed in the theft of Cecil County land records by British troops.
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Annotation / Notes: This survey of the records created by Maryland's counties, and Baltimore City, has its origins in the Depression era's Historical Records Survey. The introduction includes descriptions and explanations of the records. At the start of each county section is a general history of the county's records. This is the second of two books. The first in the series focuses of the history of each courthouse building.
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Annotation / Notes: Review essay.
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Annotation / Notes: Archivist of the State of Maryland, 1939-74.
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Annotation / Notes: See "Republican Society of Baltimore, Maryland," pp. 335-43.
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Annotation / Notes: Numerous references to Maryland.
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Annotation / Notes: This ambitious work reconstructs with admirable detail the biographies of the 1,445 legislators who served between 1635 and 1789. In addition to collecting the normal information expected in this type of work, the authors searched for such important additional factors as family background, marital connections, public and private career, as well as wealth during one's lifetime at death. Considering that family ties were often an important aspect of political advancement in the colonial era, this information is especially useful. The full potential of this approach can be seen in the entry for Samuel Chase (Vol. I, pp. 214-216), although most biographies are not as complete, especially for those who were in the legislature in the earlier period.
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Annotation / Notes: Studies in Maryland History and Culure.
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