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Annotation / Notes: Mencken has wrongly been stereotyped as a male chauvinist. He consistently supported female suffrage and respected intelligent, independent women. In his writings he often posed as being anti-feminist in order to attack convention. For Mencken, society should be a group of individuals who thought for themselves, and "women were to be equals to men as individuals in such a society" (76). Interestingly, Mencken was Victorian in his personal life, prefering his women to be genteel and chaste.
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Annotation / Notes: This is a model of how to present biographical portraits. The biographies of these Prince George's County women are arranged in chronological order. Each chapter begins with an historical narrative that places the biographies in context.
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Annotation / Notes: Only set of biographical sketches currently available on African-American women in Maryland. These contemporary women have made significant contributions to a wide range of professions.
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