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Riley, Elihu S. "The Ancient City." History of Annapolis, in Maryland. 1649-1887. 1887; reprint, Annapolis: Anne Arundel County Bicentennial Commission, 1976.
Annotation / Notes: A reprint of an 1887 work. It is largely arranged by date, presenting important events which occurred in the city during the years. Interspersed amongst these dates are occasional chapters written on a theme, covering a span of years, such as theater, the state house, and "Illustrious Anapolitans." It is very well indexed and includes an abridgement of Father Andrew White's Journal.
Mills, Barbara. "...And Justice for All": The Double Life of Fred Weisgal, Attorney & Musician. Baltimore: American Literary Press, 2000.
Mills, Barbara. "Industry Forefront: Taylor Guitars Buys Last 'Liberty Tree'." Music Trades, 148 (August 2000): 64.