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Annotation / Notes: A biography of John Coode, for whom any cause became an unrestrained assault on his opponents, and who became a Protestant scourge to the Catholic establishment in the late seventeenth century. His contradictory career is chronicled and typified by his perennial resistance to authority.
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Annotation / Notes: An excellent analysis of the difficulty faced by the Calverts in establishing a stable political system in Maryland in the first several decades of settlement. Confronted with William Claiborne's commercial outpost on Kent Island, and hostility from other Virginians and their supporters in London, not to mention Richard Ingle's almost fatal attack on the colony in the mid-1640s, Lord Baltimore used his considerable influence and political skill to protect his interests. Within the colony, the ostensible Catholic hegemony was rent by a dispute between the Proprietor and the Jesuits over their influence in secular affairs, and his goal of establishing a hierarchical manorial political system was undermined by the ease with which indentured servants could obtain land and influence.
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Annotation / Notes: This ambitious work reconstructs with admirable detail the biographies of the 1,445 legislators who served between 1635 and 1789. In addition to collecting the normal information expected in this type of work, the authors searched for such important additional factors as family background, marital connections, public and private career, as well as wealth during one's lifetime at death. Considering that family ties were often an important aspect of political advancement in the colonial era, this information is especially useful. The full potential of this approach can be seen in the entry for Samuel Chase (Vol. I, pp. 214-216), although most biographies are not as complete, especially for those who were in the legislature in the earlier period.
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Annotation / Notes: Studies in Maryland History and Culure.
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Annotation / Notes: A case study of Maryland as colony and state to determine why some states adopted the penitentiary earlier than others; whether the rise of the penitentiary was a revolutionary development; and whether the diverse paths to the penitentiary produced diverse forms. This study roots the development of the penitentiary in a regional and local context.
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