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Annotation / Notes: Historic photographs and excerpts from 60 of the "best" works on Southern Maryland. Arranged predominately by theme, the chapters include working the land, working the water, life in the home, and life in the community. A ten page introduction gives a brief chronological history of the area.
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Annotation / Notes: Greenbelt.
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Annotation / Notes: Greenbelt, a Depression era, Federally planned community, is a midpoint in community planning, located between the nineteenth century garden city movement and the new towns of the twentieth century. The author, however, does not see Greenbelt as a success.
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Annotation / Notes: The planned community of Greenbelt, a project of the Resettlement Administration, was developed with three concepts in mind: economic and social cooperation, a walking garden plan of house construction based on the international style, and a neighborhood design centering on a school or community center. As it grew Greenbelt was able to maintain its identify, which developed from the three concepts, through a strong city government and an active local newspaper.
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Annotation / Notes: Kraus argues that Andrews has the most historic setting of any airforce base in the country. He then goes on to discuss the history of the ownership of the land and the history of Belle Chance, a house on base.
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