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Annotation / Notes: Institutional level descriptions for nineteen Maryland libraries and archives holding significant religious collections. A tremendous level of detail is given. Subject headings are assigned to each institution. This guide is also available online at
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Annotation / Notes: Baltimore Hebrew University Library.
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Annotation / Notes: An involved discussion of the 1990s construction of the museum's new museum, complete with problems and foibles, written by the man who directed the project.
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Annotation / Notes: East Baltimore's Station Number Eleven, which began in two rooms in a settlement house was amazingly successful in servicing its Jewish immigrant population with very mere resources. This article includes some discussion in the early 20th century library controversy of whether or not libraries should collection non-English works. Also stressed is the role the public library played in the Americanization of the immigrant.
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Annotation / Notes: Although it is very outdated, this directory should serve be the starting point for anyone attempting to locate oral history collections relevant to Maryland. Collections surveyed were not only in institutional hands (schools, libraries, and historical agencies) but also belonged to governmental agencies and private individuals. Included are DC and PA collections of potential interest.
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Annotation / Notes: Davis's three-volume work surveys the "nature and development of the southern mind" during the colonial period and seeks to counter the standard interpretation of the predominant role of colonial New England in shaping the intellectual life of what would become the new nation. Topics include education, libraries and printing, religious writings, fine arts, literature, and public oratory. The volumes draw extensively on manuscript collections, some only recently discovered, in Britain and the United States, including important Maryland archives; chapters are followed by extensive bibliographies and notes.
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