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Bedini, Silvio A. The Life of Benjamin Banneker: The First African-American Man of Science. Rev. ed. Baltimore: Maryland Historical Society, 1999.
Sprenkle, Elam Ray. The Life and Works of Louis Cheslock. D.M.A. diss., Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University, Peabody Conservatory of Music, 1979.
Annotation / Notes: The life of Louis Cheslock proveds an expansive view of the musical life of Baltimore from the 'teens to the 1970s. Cheslock's story begins in 1893 when his older brother, Henry Czeslak, fled from Poland to England to avoid conscription into the Russian army and changed his name to Rosenberg to avoid detection. His parents followed and eventually moved to Baltimore with their children. Louis Cheslock was one of the original members of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (founded in 1916), a faculty member at Peabody from 1922 to 1976, a member of Henry Mencken's Saturday Night Club from 1927 to its final gathering in 1950, a composer who wrote over 150 works (including opera in collaboration with Mencken), writer and music critic. Cheslock witnessed and wrote on the emergence of jazz as an art form, the rise of radio and the scientific study of music.
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Yewell, Therese C. Women of Achievement in Prince George's County History. Upper Marlboro, MD: Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, Prince George's County Planning Board, 1994.
Annotation / Notes: This is a model of how to present biographical portraits. The biographies of these Prince George's County women are arranged in chronological order. Each chapter begins with an historical narrative that places the biographies in context.
Miles, Lester. "Med-Chi Journal History, 1839-1976." Maryland State Medical Journal, 25 (January 1976): 35-42.