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Annotation / Notes: One of the best ways to experience the past is to read the words of those who witnessed the actual events. Narratives of Early Maryland accomplishes this for those interested in knowing about life in Maryland when it was largely an pristine wilderness. The editor, Clayton Colman Hall, includes important descriptions of the Native Americans who greeted the European settlers by a Jesuit priest, Father Andrew White; George Alsop's promotional Character of the Province of Maryland (1666); and other 17th century accounts.
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Annotation / Notes: Among the signers of the Declaration of Independence, Maryland's Charles Carroll of Carrollton was conspicuously different from most of his colleagues. Fabulously wealthy and Roman Catholic, Carroll was very aware of his family's origins as traditional leaders in their former Irish homeland. Ronald Hoffman skillfully recounts the story of this family's successful struggle to maintain its status in the face of official religious intolerance. In surveying the path that led from Ely O'Carroll in Ireland to the shores of the Chesapeake, Hoffman helps explain why a very conservative family would embrace the cause of revolution.
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Annotation / Notes: Augustine Herman (b. 1608).
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