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Nast, Leonara Heilig, Laurence N. Krause, and R. C. Monk, eds. Baltimore. A Living Renaissance. Baltimore: Historic Baltimore Society, Inc., 1982.
Annotation / Notes: An eclectic mix of over eighty essays, authored by a broad spectrum of individuals, on topics that illustrate the renaissance that Baltimore experienced during the 1960s and 1970s. Organized under such broad topics as "Baltimore Builds","Social Perspective","The Arts", and "What Makes Baltimore Baltimore" the broad range of subjects covered include Baltimore night life, public housing, television and radio, football, aging services, and influential political and community figures. Includes a brief chronology of the City's redevelopment, 1937-1981.
Orser, Ed. Blockbusting in Baltimore: The Edmondson Village Story. Lexington, KY: University Press of Kentucky, 1994.
Annotation / Notes: In a ten year period, 1955-1965, the western community of Edmondson Village completely changed its population. As socially mobile blacks moved in, whites, feeling threatened and displaced, abandoned the community. Edmondson is the story of a phenomena that is quite common in many urban areas. The article includes some discussion of rowhouse development.
Orser, W. Edward. "The Marking of a Baltimore Rowhouse Community: The Edmondson Avenue Area, 1915-1945." Maryland Historical Magazine 80 (Fall 1985): 203-227.
Annotation / Notes: Edmondson Village developed as a late street car, early automobile, suburban community. It was originally a white middle income neighborhood. Its highly differentiated character made it very fragile and it was very open to change.
Oshel, Robert E. "The Selling of Woodside Park." Montgomery County Story 40 (May 1997): 429-40.
Pryor, Gwen. "Fires and Volunteers." Journal of the Alleghenies 35 (1999): 7-9.
Annotation / Notes: Fires are frequently of interest to local history researchers, this brief essay describes twentieth century fires in the Frostburg area.
Ryon, Roderick N. "From Homogeneity to Diversity: Residential Development in Baltimore's Outer City." Maryland Humanities (Winter 1998): 9.
Ryon, Roderick N. Northwest Baltimore and Its Neighborhoods, 1870-1970 Before "Smart Growth". Baltimore: University of Baltimore Press, 2000.
Ryon, Roderick N. "Old West Baltimore." Maryland Historical Magazine 77 (Spring 1982): 54-69.
Annotation / Notes: Due to a variety of social pressures, blacks were forced to make their homes in west Baltimore. Based largely on oral interviews, Ryon discusses the strong black community which grew from this forced placement.
Smith, Bert. Down the Ocean: Postcards from Maryland and Delaware Beaches. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1999.
Annotation / Notes: Arranged by theme and subject -- famous housing, boardwalk, on the beach, life saving. It presents a vivid picture of life at the shore as interpreted through postcards. Includes some illustration on spots on the way -- diners, bridges, etc. Information on the cards themselves is included and adds to the work's usefulness.
Smith, Bert. Greetings from Baltimore: Postcard Views of the City. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1996.
Annotation / Notes: The history of Baltimore as told through postcards, arranged by subject -- harbor, shopping downtown, monuments, etc. Each section is accompanied by several paragraphs of text. Also included is information on the postcards themselves, as well as on the collecting and history of postcards. Illustrations are excellent, slightly enlarged, and show off the medium.
Spence, Gloria Ryan. "History of Herald Harbor, MD (1924-1984)." Anne Arundel County History Notes 16 (October 1984): [2-4].
Sullivan, C. John, Jr. "Ocean City in Black and White: A Special Maryland Revisited." Maryland Humanities (March 1999): 6-7.
Suter, Henry. Howard Park: A Fond and Sometimes Accurate History and Descriptions of a Northwest Baltimore Community. Baltimore, MD: Howard Park Civic Association, 1971.
Tennenbaum, Robert, ed. Creating A New City: Columbia, Maryland. Partners in Community Building and Perry Publishing, 1996.
Thomas, Dawn F., and Robert Barnes. The Green Spring Valley-Its History and Heritage. 2 vols. Baltimore: Maryland Historical Society, 1978.
Annotation / Notes: One of the largest histories dedicated to a Maryland locale. The first half of the first volume includes intensive information on the area's land grants, biographical sketches of early settlers, a discussion of the economic development of the area, histories of the area's religious congregations, the areas educational institutions, and horse culture. The second portion deals with the history of the area's houses and the people who lived in them. The second volume, by Robert Barnes, is a genealogy of 32 major families.
Virta, Alan. "'Only Twenty Minutes Ride from Washington.'" News and Notes from the Prince George's County Historical Society , 14 (June 1986): 25-28.
Annotation / Notes: Huntington.
Wilstach, Paul. Tidewater Maryland. Indianapolis, IN: The Bobbs-Merrill Company, 1931.
Annotation / Notes: A narrative history of those Maryland counties, all but seven of the twenty-three, touched by saltwater, arranged by theme and locale. There is a great deal of emphasis on the founding of towns and important personages, a wide variety of subjects are covered.
Brigham, David R. "'Ask the Beasts and They Shall Teach Thee:' The Human Lessons of Charles Willson Peale's Natural History Displays." Huntington Library Quarterly 59 (nos. 2-3, 1998): 182-206.
Kalisch, Philip A. The Social History of the Enoch Pratt Free Library. Ed.D. diss., The Pennsylvania State University, 1967.
Annotation / Notes: Baltimore businessmen, Enoch Pratt, had a goal to establish a free reading library that people could use it to acquire education and make themselves financial successful. Although the first two directors of this library were only moderately successful, they were responsible for laying the groundwork for a strong liberal arts collection, however, there was little outreach into the community. After 1926, the Pratt's directors guided the library to become a leading public library system, known for innovation, and for professional education. The author emphasizes the social objectives of the library and how the Pratt fits into the cultural world of Baltimore.
Arnold, Joseph L. "Suburban Growth and Municipal Annexation in Baltimore, 1745-1918." Maryland Historical Magazine 73 (June 1978): 109-28.
Annotation / Notes: The battles between Baltimore City and Baltimore County over the suburban territory spanning a century and a half. This fight was for a larger tax base and the promise of better services providing an important historical perspective on current city-suburban problems.