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Annotation / Notes: Prince George's County fair.
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Annotation / Notes: Historic photographs and excerpts from 60 of the "best" works on Southern Maryland. Arranged predominately by theme, the chapters include working the land, working the water, life in the home, and life in the community. A ten page introduction gives a brief chronological history of the area.
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Annotation / Notes: The author presents a narrative description of Charles Town during its hey day as an economic center. She lists the land owners, the store owners, the justicies of the County, and other political figures. With improved roads and increasing population settlement in the north, Charles Town was replaced in 1721 as the County seat.
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Knepper, Cathy D. "Greenbelt: A New Deal Remnant in Our Midst." Maryland Humanities (November 1998): 6-10.
Annotation / Notes: The planned community of Greenbelt, a project of the Resettlement Administration, was developed with three concepts in mind: economic and social cooperation, a walking garden plan of house construction based on the international style, and a neighborhood design centering on a school or community center. As it grew Greenbelt was able to maintain its identify, which developed from the three concepts, through a strong city government and an active local newspaper.
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Annotation / Notes: Huntington.
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Annotation / Notes: A narrative history of those Maryland counties, all but seven of the twenty-three, touched by saltwater, arranged by theme and locale. There is a great deal of emphasis on the founding of towns and important personages, a wide variety of subjects are covered.
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Annotation / Notes: A series designed for young people.
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