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Klein, Mary O. "'We Shall Be Accountable to God:' Some Inquiries into the Position of Blacks in Somerset Parish, Maryland, 1692-1865." Maryland Historical Magazine 87 (Winter 1992): 399-406.
Annotation / Notes: The author examines the conversion of free blacks and slaves in Somerset Parish. While a 1664 Maryland law stated that baptism had no effect on the status of a slave, the Anglican church worked towards conversion of the enslaved. However, Christian education and baptism varied depending on individual slaveowners. In some cases, the enslaved themselves refused to be baptized. Evidence of African religious practices remained alongside the practice of Christianity.
Varner, Lynne K. "The Forgotten Town of Oriole." Maryland 23 (Summer 1991): 20-25.
Annotation / Notes: Oriole was once a prosperous Methodist black community whose inhabitants were farmers and watermen. The few remaining residents of Oriole are hoping to revitalize the community through the preservation of St. James Church, once a cornerstone of the community.
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