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Annotation / Notes: A discussion of the nineteenth century rural character of St. Mary's County as seen through life at Susquehanna Farm. Two worlds inhabited the farm. The world of the land owner and his family and the world of the slaves who worked the farm.
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Annotation / Notes: This article compiled all available information on House Cove. It, therefore, serves as a good example of the wide variety of resources that can be found and utilized when researching a Maryland property.
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Annotation / Notes: Using archaeological records and spatial analysis from three Southern Maryland tobacco plantation sites, the authors provide an ethnographic look at life for seventeenth-century Maryland colonists in terms of gender and class roles. The article provides a brief overview of the economics of the Chesapeake region, the structure of living arrangements, and the gendered nature of tasks. The evidence suggests how gendered and class-based activities contributed to both household production and accrued wealth. The authors conclude that comparisons between the three sites provide the basis for understanding how household wealth was a direct corollary of the ability to secure a large work force and to develop a high degree of specialization.
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