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Blumgart, Pamela James, ed. At the Head of the Bay: A Cultural and Architectural History of Cecil County, Maryland. Elkton, MD: Cecil Historical Trust, 1996.
Annotation / Notes: This beautifully illustrated book presents a history of the development of the county along with a history of its architecture, including house forms, methods of construction, and outbuildings, along with brief write-ups on 700 historic sites.
May, Huguette D., and Anthea Smith. Finding the Charm in Charm City: Affectionate Views of Baltimore. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1998.
Annotation / Notes: A modern photo documentary, using color Polaris Image Transfers of "charming spots" in Baltimore. These spots may not be considered so charming any place else in the world, but definitely display Baltimore's character. Through these image the authors show buildings, building details, and streetscapes. There is an accompanying text that gives a brief history of neighborhoods, buildings, and roads. A visual documentation of Baltimore in the 1990s.
May, Huguette D., and Anthea Smith. The Hand of Man; Railroads in American Prints and Photographs: An Exhibition to Commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the Building of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Baltimore: Baltimore Museum of Art, 1978.
Ewing, Kathleen M. A. Aubrey Bodine: Baltimore Pictoralist, 1906-1970. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1985.
Beck, Tom. Edward L. Bafford 1902-1981: A Life in Photography. [Baltiomre]: University Library of the University of Maryland Baltimore County, 1981.
Beck, Tom, and Adrienne Manns. Building a New World: Black Labor Photographs. Baltimore: University of Maryland Baltimore County Library, 1982.
Pratt, M.C. "Maryland Post Offices as Unlikely Art Galleries." Journal of the Alleghenies, 46 (2010): 68-74.
Bodine, Jennifer B. Bodine's City: The Photography of A. Aubrey Bodine. Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing, 2011.