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Annotation / Notes: This work describes the Counties which make up Maryland's Sixth Congressional District. The chapters are written by individuals involved in current affairs. The focus is on politics, government, and the economic nature of the counties. There is a great deal of statistical information. Chapter VIII includes brief essays on the future of Western Maryland by notable Maryland Officials, such as Governor Hughes, the heads of various state agencies, and people of note in the counties.
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Annotation / Notes: A tourism piece, but one which offers good basic information on a number of western Maryland's geological landmarks -- Crystal Grottoes Caverns, Sideling Hill Road Cut, and The Devil's Racecourse.
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Annotation / Notes: Fires are frequently of interest to local history researchers, this brief essay describes twentieth century fires in the Frostburg area.
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Annotation / Notes: Numerous references to Maryland.
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Annotation / Notes: Records of Allegany County through Baltimore County and City.
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