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Annotation / Notes: Joshua Barney (1758-1818) was a naval hero in both the American Revolution and the War of 1812. Aside from his military exploits, this patriotic Marylander's life is closely associated with the history of the American flag. Barney is best known for the spirited action of the barge men under his command at the Battle of Bladensburg in 1814. Alone among the Americans at the battle, Barney and his men fought bravely against a superior British force.
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Annotation / Notes: The British attack on Baltimore during the War of 1812 was motivated by a desire to punish the city for being a nest of republicans and privateers. This book traces in admirable detail the history of privateering - from the ships, outfitting, captains and crews, investors, their successes and failures, through the distribution of the prize money. While the pirates on the Spanish main may have been the dregs of the sea, Baltimore's privateers were underwritten by some of its leading mercantile and political leaders. The book includes useful appendices identifying the privateers, investors and proceeds.
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Categories: Maritime, War of 1812
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Annotation / Notes: Ships commanded by Joshua Barney, sunk in 1814.
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Categories: Maritime, War of 1812
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Categories: Maritime, War of 1812
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