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Mitchell, Helen B. 'The North and South are Here Met': Almira Hart Lincoln Phelps and the Patapsco Female Institute, 1841-1856. Ph.D. diss., University of Maryland at College Park, 1990.
Annotation / Notes: As director of Maryland's Patapsco Female Institute, Phelps expanded the role of women in the nineteenth century. Phelps believed that women were responsible for their own lives, not mere satellites of men. Thus, an equal education prepared women for economic self-support while remaining within the domestic sphere. Like Phelps, women could have a home, family, and career without challenging slavery, the domestic sphere, or patriarchal control.
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Annotation / Notes: Susan O'Malley.
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Scott, Anne Firor. "Almira Lincoln Phelps: The Self-Made Woman in The Nineteenth Century." Maryland Historical Magazine 75 (September 1980): 203-16.
Annotation / Notes: Like her male counterparts in the nineteenth century, Phelps became a self-made woman. She fulfilled the social expectations of true womanhood by being pious, compassionate, and nurturing in her roles as wife and mother. She also was a career educator who wrote textbooks, translated manuscripts, and later ran the Patapsco Female Institute. She went beyond what was expected of her and urged other women to do the same.
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Annotation / Notes: This is a model of how to present biographical portraits. The biographies of these Prince George's County women are arranged in chronological order. Each chapter begins with an historical narrative that places the biographies in context.
Beckles, Frances N. 20 Black Women: A Profile of Contemporary Black Maryland Women. Baltimore: Gateway Press, 1978.
Annotation / Notes: Only set of biographical sketches currently available on African-American women in Maryland. These contemporary women have made significant contributions to a wide range of professions.
Bashaw, Carolyn Terry. "Stalwart Women": A Historical Analysis of Deans of Women in the South. New York: Teachers College Press, 1999.
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Annotation / Notes: Adele H. Stamp.
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