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Annotation / Notes: A history of the first fifty years of the BMA, from its start as a City-Wide Congress Committee on Founding an Art Museum (1911), to its temporary home in Mount Vernon, to the construction of its permanent home in Wyman Park. A major thesis is that a very modern thinking museum became a great success in a city known for being conservative. Nicely illustrated with works from the collection and photographs of museum activities.
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Annotation / Notes: Quilts at the Maryland Historical Society.
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Annotation / Notes: The story of the Society's founding as told by its first curator.
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Annotation / Notes: Alice Garrett.
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Annotation / Notes: Photographer Constance Stuart Larrabee.
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Annotation / Notes: Argues that Thomas Sully's painting Lady with a Harp: Eliza Ridgely was a propaganda piece to counter the British stereotype of American women as "being unsophisticated, ignorant, and devoid of social graces" (406). This portrait of fifteen-year-old Ridgely shows grace, poise, feminity, and other traits (including instrumental music) associated with British of true womanhood.
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Annotation / Notes: Painter Carolyn Egeli.
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