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Annotation / Notes: A social history of Baltimore City told through thematic chapters. Chapter topics are varied and include a wide range of subjects: i.e. monuments, food, sports, Hopkins Hospital, newspapers, and politics.
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Annotation / Notes: The Women's String Orchestra was organized in 1936 to provide performance opportunities to women musicians barred from the all-male Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. The orchestra, which numbered between 35 to 40 players, performed at the Baltimore Museum of Art, Cadoa Hall and the Peabody. Less than two months after the debut of the Women's String Orchestra, the Baltimore Symphony opened its auditions to women (five of the women string players were hired). Weems' thesis examines the public response to female orchestral musicians in Baltimore and elsewhere in the United States and the role of women in the musical life of the city in the late 1930s. Her interviews with the founding members of the orchestra provide vivid accounts of the barriers placed in the paths of these pioneering women and how they surmounted them.
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Annotation / Notes: Alice Garrett.
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Categories: Music and Theater, Women
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Categories: Music and Theater, Women
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Categories: Music and Theater, Women
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