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collage of historic postcards

National Trust Library Historic Postcards Collection

From a "colorized" view of Luna Park, a great Coney Island amusement park that burned in 1944, to the long ago streets of Baltimore, the National Trust Library Historic Postcard Collection preserves unique and engaging images of people and places in early twentieth century America. Portraying locations across the United States, the collection offers perspectives into the society which produced these cards and reveals important insights about cultural attitudes of the time. These postcards also provide unique evidence of the evolution in American architecture, with rare glimpses of buildings or places that may no longer exist or have dramatically altered over time.

The online collection represents a small sampling of the approximately 35,000 postcards available in the National Trust Library Historic Postcard Collection. The Libraries will continue to add images to this collection. For more information about this or any of our other postcard collections, please visit Search for the keyword "postcard" and refine your search by entering the location that interests you.

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