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Digital collection: Films@UM
Explains how to conduct an interview, prepare the questions, select the interviewees, and put them at ease in...
2) My feminism (1997)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Interviews with feminist leaders including Bell Hooks, Gloria Steinem, and Urvsahi Vaid are intercut with doc...
Digital collection: Films@UM
Shows some of the skills used by a variety of interviewers to get their subjects to open up, relax about them...
Digital collection: Films@UM
Describes how techniques of the TV interview have changed in the past 40 years, showing how increasingly soph...
Digital collection: Films@UM
A compilation of Glenn Gould film clips which feature him in performance and in interviews.
Digital collection: University AlbUM
Elizabeth Platz, University of Maryland Lutheran campus pastor, speaks to press after her ordination, Novembe...
Digital collection: Films@UM
This program analyzes terrorism used in the name of national liberation through studies of covert wars for in...
Digital collection: Films@UM
Jeannette Haien discusses her views on the form, composition, and performance of music.
Episode number 342. Photograph of Parks Johnson interviewing the president of the Society of Amateur Chefs, B...
Episode number 353. Photograph of Parks Johnson interviewing actor who played "Wild Bill Hickcock", Claude La...
Digital collection: University AlbUM
Jack Zane interviewing University of Maryland basketball player Len Elmore, circa 1974.
Digital collection: The Jim Henson Works
An episode of the televison talk show in which the guests are Jim Henson and the Muppets. During an interview...
Digital collection: University AlbUM
University of Maryland basketball player Joe Smith during a post-game interview, circa 1994-1995.
Episode number 406, Indiana State Fair, Indiana State Fairgrounds, Youth Activities Building.
Episode number 194, Governor Clinton Hotel, February 1, 1938
Episode number 333. Photograph of Parks Johnson interviewing Thomas J. Hebert, the Attorney General of Ohio, ...
Episode number 345. Photograph of Wally Butterworth interviewing Dr. A. Allan Bates at the Westinghouse Resea...
Episode number 687, South Highland Handicraft Guild, David Crockett Theatre, Maples Building, 614 Chapman Hig...
Digital collection: Films@UM
Giroux explains his position that pedagogy must challenge social inequality and oppression.
Episode number 620, N.E. Georgia Fair, Dixie Hunt Hotel.
21) Christopher Buchanan Papers (1971-1977)
Digital collection: ArchivesUM
As a freelance documentary producer in both public and commercial television, as well as public radio, Christ...
Episode number 338. Photograph shows Parks Johnson interviewing Captain Claude A. Palmer of the "Lexington Mi...
Digital collection: Labor in America Collection
Final transcript of AFL-CIO oral history interview with Tom Harris conducted by Frank Fernbach, August 10, 19...
Digital collection: Films@UM
One of America's leading dramatists, Horton Foote has accumulated a wealth of professional honors over his 60...
Digital collection: Films@UM
The struggle between heroes and villains and the influence of a higher force are the essence of mythology and...