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Digital collection: Films@UM
Depicts the industrial development of Glasgow, particularly of ship-building from the eighteenth century. Als...
Digital collection: Films@UM
Discusses Korea's expansion into world markets and the resulting impact felt in Japan and the West.
Digital collection: Films@UM
This program explores what is behind the Republic of Korea's remarkable economic growth, which has put Korea ...
Digital collection: Films@UM
In the shadow of continuing turmoil in North Korea, the South continues to prosper under its current presiden...
5) Old ways, new game (1994)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Shows the stakes of the global economic competition for individual Americans and for the nation. Shows how ma...
6) Winning strategies (1994)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Shows some of the concrete strategies that American companies, communities, and political leaders are using t...
Digital collection: Films@UM
Geraldo Rivera, Linda Alvarado and a host of Hispanic American executives discuss how they overcame racial an...
8) Social classes (1999)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Marx divided the industrial world into two antagonistic classes: the bourgeois and the proletariat. In today'...
Digital collection: Films@UM
This program addresses the pros and cons of doing business in the global marketplace. Sabeer Bhatia, inventor...
10) Commerce (1998)
Digital collection: Films@UM
This program sums up the evolution of commerce, from barter, to coinage, to today's stock market. Economist P...
11) Work (1998)
Digital collection: Films@UM
This program examines work from the early egalitarian hunter/gatherer and agrarian societies to the modern wo...
Digital collection: Films@UM
By following the trail of two coffee beans grown in the Peruvian Andes, this program looks at the stimulant, ...
Digital collection: Films@UM
Presents the history of eBay, the site's feedback system, its key to success, and its impact on the collectib...
14) Coke's water bomb (2004)
Digital collection: Films@UM
On a British sitcom, two characters bottled tap water and sold it as Peckham Spring Water. More recently, Coc...
Digital collection: Films@UM
At 44, Barbie had been the queen of fashion dolls for generations of children. But her sales and profits bega...
16) Shell shock (2004)
Digital collection: Films@UM
When oil conglomerate Shell stunned investors by announcing a 20 percent reduction in its proven reserves, pe...
17) Get Cartier! (2004)
Digital collection: Films@UM
As a market leader in high-end jewelry, Cartier has long defended its turf against the likes of Tiffany and B...
Digital collection: Films@UM
For a person who has a disability, finding and maintaining a job and gaining acceptance at a company can be a...
19) Plunder (2009)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Exposing the forces responsible for the loss of trillions of dollars, millions of jobs, massive foreclosures,...
20) Pack of lies (1992)
Digital collection: Films@UM
The lecturers examine, with visual examples, the advertising strategies of the tobacco industry. They contend...
21) Shop 'til you drop (2010)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Are we too materialistic? Are we willfully trashing the planet in our pursuit of things? And what's the sourc...
Digital collection: Films@UM
Tracks the development of the public relations (PR) industry from early efforts to win popular American suppo...
Digital collection: Films@UM
Richard Wolff breaks down the root causes of today's economic crisis, showing how it was decades in the makin...
24) Captive audience (2003)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Examines the growing youth market as in-school advertising has steadily increased in America's public schools...
25) No logo (2003)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Using hundreds of media examples, this documentary based on Naomi Klein's book, No logo, describes a commerci...