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Digital collection: Films@UM
Whether following stated procedures or complying with implicit rules of conduct, modern humans willingly modi...
Digital collection: Films@UM
Presents an introduction to human biology, showing the wide range of human activities and the body's ability ...
3) Skin deep (1984)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Explores those human sense receptors that depend on contact with the immediate world: taste buds, touch senso...
4) Muscle power (1984)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Shows how human muscles produce enormous strength as two types of molecules telescope against each other in l...
5) Eyes and ears (1984)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Explores the human organs of sight and sound.
Digital collection: Films@UM
Describes the structure and functions of the human heart. Analyses the three basic components of the heart, m...
7) A New life (1984)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Examines the events that lead from the fertilized cell to a human baby. Employs film of living fetuses in the...
Digital collection: Films@UM
This program examines the role of ATP in biological systems and looks in detail at one specific example of AT...
9) Dream voyage (1992)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Explores what happens to the human body during sleep, using a computer display to show the waves that sweep a...
10) Growth and change (1984)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Explores growth in the human body. Studies cell division and multiplication through cinemicrophotography and ...
11) Water! (1984)
Digital collection: Films@UM
The program follows a father and daughter on a trip through the desert to explore how the body's water contro...
12) Eating to live (1984)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Explores appetite and hunger in the human body. By means of photography of the interior of the body, shows th...
13) Breakdown (1984)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Shows what happens to food through the entire human alimentary canal. Shows how food is dissolved in acid, ho...
14) Moving parts (1984)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Shows how human muscle activity is coordinated by the cerebellum and how position sensors in the muscles and ...
15) Internal defences (1984)
Digital collection: Films@UM
This program deals with events when the entire body is under attack, when bacteria or viruses invade the whol...
16) Messengers (1984)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Shows how chemical messengers control and coordinate many different processes of the human body. Focuses on t...
17) Nerves at work (1988)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Explores the human nervous system, showing how nerve signals are transmitted. Examines the part played by ner...
18) Decision (1984)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Shows how the human brain organizes input and output to make a simple but lifesaving decision. Examines the f...
19) Our talented brain (1984)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Explores the neural structure of the brain and its relationship to human culture. Focuses on the physiologica...
20) Breath of life (1984)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Explains how the human body gets the regular supplies of air it needs and rids itself of carbon dioxide. Show...
21) Life under pressure (1984)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Depicts the journey of a red blood cell around the human circulatory system to discover the efficiency and el...
22) Hot and cold (1984)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Shows the range of mechanisms through which the human body maintains a steady internal temperature and protec...
Digital collection: Films@UM
Examines how male and female bodies are prepared for their task of reproduction. Discusses sperm and ova with...
24) Coming together (1984)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Examines the physiological events that underlie the process of human reproduction, including attraction, desi...
25) Into the world (1988)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Examines human birth, using fetoscopy and models to show what happens from the baby's viewpoint. Discusses th...