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Digital collection: Films@UM
Suggests some less drastic solutions to the global warming such as reducing CO2 emissions, using the sun and ...
Digital collection: Films@UM
Explains the origin of tropical storms, of tropical rain forests and polar deserts, shows the route and the e...
153) Accident (1984)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Shows how the human body is able to deal with various local problems, such as wounds, bacterial invasions, fr...
154) Designer babies (1995)
Digital collection: Films@UM
This program examines some of the issues raised by the potential uses and misuses of genetic technology and d...
155) Humans and bacteria (1994)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Presents the human body as a complex ecosystem of bacteria, then examines each portion of the body, which bac...
156) Oncogenes (1995)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Discusses how the chemical alteration of oncogenes in human cells causes the growth of cancerous tumors. Toxi...
157) Free radicals (1996)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Free radicals are an important weapon in the immune system, but they can also cause chemical reactions that l...
158) Divided we stand (1997)
Digital collection: Films@UM
This program examines how genetic studies are being used divisively by blacks and whites to prove racial supe...
159) Bad blood (1997)
Digital collection: Films@UM
The modern consequences of the fear of inheriting bad genes are explored in this program. Steve Jones speaks ...
Digital collection: Films@UM
Genetic teams in England and Finland study how defective genes can be altered to halt transmission of disease...
161) Islamic knowledge (1988)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Describes how Islamic knowledge made significant contributions in the fields of astronomy, physics, medicine,...
162) Electronic effects (1987)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Provides a detailed examination of the principles and applications of chromakey and digital video effects and...
163) Camera mountings (1989)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Demonstrates the uses of a range of camera mountings to help directors and camera operators on location shoot...
164) What is music (1989)
Digital collection: Films@UM
This program examines sound waves: why some sounds are musical and others just noise and the relationship of ...
Digital collection: Films@UM
Covers the problems of varying degrees of loudness on harpsichords and spinets, origin of scales and the inab...
166) Lenses and light (1991)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Demonstrates the 3 decisions a director must make before the start of every shot: the position of the camera,...
167) The soundtrack (1991)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Provides a brief history of sound recording and shows how early developments still influence the work of prof...
Digital collection: Films@UM
Lecturer Charles Taylor demonstrates the physics of sound and its applications in making music and musical in...
Digital collection: Films@UM
Analyses the essential features required in any instrument if a usable musical sound is to be produced. Progr...
Digital collection: United States Government Posters Collection
Poster with images of keyboard and mouse and text on the U.S. Department of Agriculture's computer-based serv...
Digital collection: Films@UM
Presents an introduction to human biology, showing the wide range of human activities and the body's ability ...
172) Skin deep (1984)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Explores those human sense receptors that depend on contact with the immediate world: taste buds, touch senso...
173) Muscle power (1984)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Shows how human muscles produce enormous strength as two types of molecules telescope against each other in l...
174) Eyes and ears (1984)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Explores the human organs of sight and sound.
Digital collection: Films@UM
Describes the structure and functions of the human heart. Analyses the three basic components of the heart, m...