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76) Grieg (1997)
Digital collection: Films@UM
This program details Grieg's early struggle for recognition, the influence of Schumann, and his eventual succ...
77) Haydn (1997)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Traces Haydn's career from street musician to the heights of Viennese musical society. Works performed includ...
78) Bach (1997)
Digital collection: Films@UM
This program celebrates the baroque composer Johann Sebastian Bach. Features such works as: Suite no. 3, Viol...
79) Mendelssohn (1997)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Examines the life and works of the composer, Felix Mendelssohn. Includes: Violin concerto in E minor, Symphon...
80) Vivaldi (1997)
Digital collection: Films@UM
The few precise details known about Vivaldi help to illuminate his catalog of works, including The four seaso...
81) Schubert (1997)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Examines Schubert's life and work. Includes: The unfinished symphony, Rosamunde overture, Symphony no. 8 ("Un...
Digital collection: Films@UM
A portrait of Ladysmith Black Mambazo, a ten-man choral acappella group from South Africa. Excerpts of the gr...
83) Little Sister (1990)
Digital collection: Films@UM
A portrait of the South African rock group: Little Sister, led by two white sisters from Pretoria. Excerpts o...
84) The oboe (1997)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Discusses the modern version of the oboe and the many forms it has taken during its evolution. Shows the oboe...
85) Yvonne Chaka Chaka (1990)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Documentary portrait of Yvonne Chaka Chaka, disco singer from South Africa, highlighting the influence of gos...
86) Brenda Fassie (1990)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Portrait of South African popular singer Brenda Fassie, whose music is a blend of soul, disco, and Mbaqanga. ...
Digital collection: Films@UM
Profiles the Capetown, South Africa hip-hop group, Prophets of the City. Excerpts from their music videos and...
88) John Coltrane (1996)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Explores Coltrane's artistic integrity and the universality of his musical message through performances with ...
89) Max Roach (1996)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Through an interview with Max Roach, his career is examined as he analyzes his stature in the lexicon of famo...
90) Fats Waller (1996)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Examines Waller's career and his role in New York's literary, artistic and political movement of the Harlem R...
91) Bill Evans (1996)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Jazz pianist Bill Evans is shown in performance with his trio. Both his life and career show the rigor and ar...
92) Louis Armstrong (1996)
Digital collection: Films@UM
This program discusses how Armstrong's relationship with Africa shaped his music. Armstrong is seen on his fi...
93) Dee Dee Bridgewater (1998)
Digital collection: Films@UM
This documentary shows Bridgewater in performance and interviews, along with footage of female jazz vocalists...
94) B.B. King (1997)
Digital collection: Films@UM
This program follows King on tour, capturing both his thoughts in more solitary moments and his music in perf...
95) Gil Evans (1997)
Digital collection: Films@UM
As a jazz pianist, composer and arranger, Gil Evans' career has been one of constant change and improvement. ...
96) Count Basie (1996)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Considered one of the most subtle jazz pianists in the history of this unique art form, William Basie's perso...
Digital collection: Films@UM
A portrait of the composer, George Frideric Handel, presented within the cultural and social context of the E...
Digital collection: Films@UM
Pianist Byron Janis reviews the life of composer Frédéric Chopin and performs some of his most famous works. ...
99) Music to the ear (1991)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Presents Paul Whittaker, a young musician who is a pianist, organist, teacher and student of music, yet who i...
100) Ray Phiri (1990)
Digital collection: Films@UM
Documentary portrait of Ray Phiri, who sees his music as a key to self discovery and an outlet to personal an...