Crystal Palace, view up nave from gallery...

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Fair:Great Exhibition (1851 : London, England)
Artist/Architect:Delamotte, Philip H.(Philip Henry), 1821-1889
Artist/Architect:Paxton, Joseph, Sir, 1803-1865
Description:Albumen prints: monochrome
Format:Albumen prints
Series:Crystal Palace Art-Union portfolio, 1859
Caption:After its removal from Hyde Park, the Crystal Palace was transferred to Sydenham and rebuilt there in 1852-54. This photograph, from a set of nine albumen prints by P. H. Delamotte, depicts the reconstructed nave from the gallery at the north end.
Content:Albumen prints
Content:Photograph Albums
Fair Building:Crystal Palace. Great Exhibition (1851 : London, England)
Topics:exhibition gallery
Topics:Delamotte, Philip H.(Philip Henry), 1821-1889. Crystal Palace Art-Union portfolio. 1859.
Places:Sydenham, England
Builder/Engineer:Fox, Henderson & Co.
Paging Number: 1851-lon-30-0001
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