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Fair:Great Exhibition (1851 : London, England)
Artist/Architect:Delamotte, Philip H.(Philip Henry), 1821-1889
Artist/Architect:Paxton, Joseph, Sir, 1803-1865
Description:Albumen prints: monochrome, 1 image
Format:Albumen prints
Series:Crystal Palace Art-Union portfolio, 1859
Caption:The Nineveh Court was one of the style courts at the Crystal Palace, in which architects recreated the architectural styles of foreign cultures and historical periods. This photograph by P. H. Delamotte depicts the fountain in the tropical basin of the Nineveh Court.
Content:Albumen prints
Content:Photograph Albums
Fair Building:Crystal Palace. Great Exhibition (1851 : London, England)
Fair Building:Nineveh Court. Crystal Palace. Great Exhibition (1851 : London, England)
Topics:Delamotte, Philip H.(Philip Henry), 1821-1889. Crystal Palace Art-Union portfolio. 1859.
Places:Sydenham, England
Builder/Engineer:Fox, Henderson & Co.
Paging Number: 1851-lon-30-0004
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