Crystal Schottisch - composed by W. Byerly

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Fair:New York Exhibition of the Industry of All Nations (1853-1854)
Artist/Architect:Carstensen, Georg, 1812-1857
Artist/Architect:Gildemeister, Karl, 1820-1869
Description:Lithographs: color, 1 image
Caption:This lithographic cover for sheet music, composed for the Exhibition of the Industry of All Nations held in New York in 1853, features an illustration of the Crystal Palace at that fair. Designed by architects Georg Carstensen and Charles Gildemeister, the New York Crystal Palace was based on the prototype from the London 1851 exhibition. The resemblance to the Hyde Park building is only superficial, however, as the New York version differs from the original in its ground plan and details.
Topics:Sheet music
Topics:Byerly, William. Crystal Schottisch
Advertiser:Byerly, William
Paging Number: 1853-nyc-14-0001
Location:Box C
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