Palais de l'Industrie

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Fair:Exposition universelle de Paris en 1855
Artist/Architect:Viel, Jean-Marie-Victor, 1796-1863
Description:Periodical Illustrations: monochrome, 1 image
Format:Periodical Illustrations
Caption:This periodical illustration depicts the exterior of the Palais de l'Industrie at the Exposition Universelle held in Paris in 1855. Jean-Marie Viel and Alexandre Barrault served respectively as architect and engineer for the Palais.
Content:Periodical Illustrations
Fair Building:Palais de l'Industrie. Exposition Universalle (1855 : Paris, France)
Builder/Engineer:Barrault, Alexis, 1812-1867
Paging Number: 1855-par-08-0001
Location:Box F
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