Compliments of the "Hub Clothiers," New Haven, Conn., Agriculture Building, World's Fair 1893

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Fair:World's Columbian Exposition (1893 : Chicago, Ill.)
Artist/Architect:McKim, Mead & White
Description:Advertising Cards: color, 1 image
Format:Advertising Cards
Caption:Exhibition buildings were often featured on trade cards and other ephemera from the fairs. This advertisement for Hub Clothiers from the World's Columbian Exposition is printed on a card with a reproduction of the Agriculture Building. Designed by McKim, Mead and White, the Agriculture Building measured 500 by 800 feet and was located on the Court of Honor.
Content:Advertising Cards
Fair Building:Agriculture Building. World's Columbian Exposition (1893 : Chicago, Ill.)
Fair Building:Court of Honor. World's Columbian Exposition (1893 : Chicago, Ill.)
Advertiser:Hub Clothiers, New Haven, Conn.
Paging Number: 1893-chi-08-0076
Location:Box H
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