Anaglypta Decoration in Relief

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Fair:Glasgow International Exhibition (1901)
Artist/Architect:Haite, George Charles, 1855-1924
Description:Advertisements, Leaflets: color, 1 image
Format:Advertisements, Leaflets
Caption:This pamphlet advertises the Anaglypta Branch of the Wallpaper Manufacturers Ltd. of Darwen, England, exhibitors in Machinery Hall at the Glasgow International Exhibition of 1901. The pamphlet illustrates anaglypta designs in a Modern English style by George C. Haité, President of the Society of Designers, and others.
Content:Advertisements, Leaflets
Fair Building:Manufacturers Hall. Glasgow International Exhibition (1901)
Advertiser:Wall Paper Manufacturers Ltd. Anaglypta Branch
Paging Number: 1901-gla-16-0001-001
Location:Box P-9
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