Expo '70, Progress and Harmony for Mankind

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Fair:Expo '70 (Osaka, Japan)
Description:Periodical Illustrations: color, 1 image
Format:Periodical Illustrations
Series:The East, Special Issue, vol. V, 1970.
Caption:This special issue of The East (cover shown here) is dedicated to the Japan World Exposition, held in Osaka in 1970 and the first World's Fair ever held in Asia. This issue of The East serves as a handbook to the exposition -- providing a master plan, photographs, and information on the international and Japanese pavilions -- as well as a guide to the country. The section on the pavilions features models and drawings of the buildings and information on the site, cost, and exhibitors. The theme for each building, relating to the overall "Progress and Harmony for Mankind" theme of the exposition, is also listed. The Tower of the Sun, located in the symbol area of the Festival Plaza, can be seen within the orb illustrating the cover. Designed by Taro Okamoto, the tower measured 70 meters high.
Content:Periodical Illustrations
Fair Building:Tower of the Sun. Expo '70 (Osaka, Japan)
Paging Number: 1970-osa-16-0001
Location:Box P-11
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