University of Maryland Libraries Digital Collections

About University AlbUM

University AlbUM is a digital collection that highlights documents, still and moving images illustrating the rich history of the University of Maryland. The collection documents a wide variety of topics including student life, athletic and other campus events, important campus figures, UMD’s agricultural heritage, campus facilities, and much more. Materials date from the late nineteenth to the early twenty-first century and document the University's 150-plus year history. The digital images within University AlbUM have been generated from original and often unique materials within the University of Maryland Libraries’ Special Collections.

While University AlbUM serves as an excellent general resource for examples of historical images relating to the University of Maryland, this collection is by no means exhaustive. University AlbUM represents only a very small sampling of the estimated 500,000+ photographs and nearly 20,000 pieces of film and videotape within the University Archives, not to mention the materials contained within other collections in the University of Maryland Libraries. We continue to add moving and still images to this repository.

The University of Maryland Libraries have also digitized a large number of books and other resources relating to University of Maryland history which are available through the Internet Archive. These include:

Please ask a question or leave a comment if you cannot locate a desired item in University AlbUM or at the Internet Archive.