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Image from a Prange Collection wall poster

Gordon W. Prange Posters & Wall Newspapers

This site includes the posters (68 items) and wall newspapers (208 items) held in the Gordon W. Prange Collection. With a few exceptions, these items are file copies of the Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD), which operated between 1945-1949, the first four years of the Allied Occupation of Japan (1945-1952). They bear censorship markings, including CCD stamps and numbers, examination dates and, occasionally, action taken, such as a disapproval or violation. The posters and wall newspapers are digitized and are available on this site.

Poster image from Prange Collection featuring a man with a pick axe

All Posters

Browse all posters, material from the Occupation period that was used primarily to promote public health and safety, instruct in the classroom, to advance political messages (including messaging by labor unions), and advertise.

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Image of a wall newspaper in Prange Collection

All Wall Newspapers

Browse all wall newspapers – hand-painted and printed newspapers intended for posting in public places, such as train stations, workplaces, classrooms, and public bulletin boards.

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Learn more about the Gordon W. Prange Collection.

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