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Prange Digital Children's Book Collection The Gordon W. Prange Collection contains nearly 8,000 children's book titles published in Japan between 1945 and 1949, including 1,608 picture book (ehon) titles, 2,069 comic book (manga) titles and 4,275 story book (yomimono) titles. All of the picture books and a majority of the comic books are available here. The remaining comic books, all of the story books and other resources for children have been scanned and are being added to this collection systematically. A list of censored children's books from this period is also available.

プランゲ文庫デジタル児童書コレクション ゴードンW. プランゲ文庫には1945年から1949年にか けて発行された8000点(1608点の絵本、2069点の漫画、4275点の読み物)の児童図書が所蔵されています。全ての絵本と大部分の漫画はこのデジタルコレクションでご覧いただけます。 被検閲処分・未出版資料リストもご参照ください。

Sample the collection / 検索結果例