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About the Digital Project

Welcome to the Gordon W. Prange Digital Children's Book Collection. The children's books digitally represented here were published in Japan during the early post-World War II years, 1945-49.

The scanning of the 8,000 titles in the Gordon W. Prange Children's Book Collection is on-going. The books in digital format will be mounted on this website on a rolling basis and ultimately will include all 8,000 titles.

About the Gordon W. Prange Children's Book Collection

The children's books in the Gordon W. Prange Collection consist of picture books, story books, and comic books. The collection is an invaluable source for social and cultural history, for the study of popular literature, and for an understanding of Japanese concerns for their children during the postwar period. Many of the books are unique to the Prange Collection. As such, they fill a gap in the documentation of a pivotal period in Japanese history.

The Gordon W. Prange Children’s Book Collection is part of a larger collection of print publications, including adult books, magazines and newspapers, from the early years of the Occupation of Japan. The materials in the Prange Collection were originally file copies of the Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD), an operating unit of Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers (SCAP). Established in October 1945, the CCD was to monitor books, magazines, newspapers, and ephemera for violations of the Code for the Japanese Press. Censorship action involved additions to or deletions from texts, suppressions of materials, disapprovals, publishing delays, and changes. In addition to print publications, the Prange Collection also includes over 600,000 censorship documents. For more information about the Gordon W. Prange Collection, visit

Access and Copyright

Due to copyright restrictions, many of the Prange children’s books in digital format are available only on the University of Maryland College Park campus.

The books in this digital collection that are protected by copyright may only be reproduced for personal purposes such as scholarship, research, criticism, comment, teaching and other fair uses as defined under U.S. copyright law [Copyright Law of the United States, Title 17, Section 107]. It is entirely the responsibility of the user to determine if a particular use exceeds what is permissible under U.S. copyright law or, if applicable, under the copyright law of another country and to assume full responsibility for any infringing use of materials. Contact us for more information.

The University of Maryland Libraries and the National Diet Library of Japan (NDL) are working collaboratively to preserve and provide access to the Prange Children’s Book Collection in digital format and on color microfilm. The International Library of Children’s Literature (ILCL), a branch of NDL, is providing access to color microfilm of many of these books. Contact the ILCL for information about availability of particular titles.


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