The Maryland History and Culture Bibliography database contains citations of articles, books, and doctoral dissertations about various aspects of Maryland's history and culture. The citations are gathered from scholarly journals, local and state history-related newsletters and magazines, subject indexes to monographs and journals, publishers' catalogs, and electronic databases, among other sources. Genealogy-related works are generally not included unless they are of a more general nature, for example, indexes to various types of vital records or Civil War muster rolls.

Please note: This database does not contain links to electronic articles hosted by the University of Maryland Libraries, although some may be available online. Not all titles are available in print at the University of Maryland Libraries. Contact Special Collections and University Archives for assistance in obtaining copies of any of the articles cited in the bibliography.

The Maryland History and Culture Bibliography database is based on the annual bibliography of Maryland history sources that appears in the Maryland Historical Magazine. The first bibliography was published in 1973, therefore the bulk of works cited in this database are from 1973 to the present. The database does include some works published prior to 1973, some as early as the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, though coverage is spotty.

Past compilers are: Dorothy M. Brown and Richard R. Duncan (1973), Richard J. Cox (1974-1982), William LeFurgy and Peter H. Curtis (1983-1986), Anne S. K. Turkos and Peter H. Curtis (1987-1991), Anne S. K. Turkos and Jeff Korman (1992-2013), and Anne Turkos and Elizabeth Caringola (2013-present).

The Maryland History and Culture Bibliography database was originally created by the Maryland Humanities Council in 2000. Annotations were added to select citations as part of that project. The University of Maryland Libraries assumed responsibility for the continued access and upkeep of the database in 2008. New entries are added to the database annually, following the publication of the print bibliography.